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44 Five-Star Products On Amazon That Actually Do What They Say They Will

We’ve all been there: Excitedly going to the mailbox, finding the package we’ve been waiting for, tearing it open, unrolling the bubble wrap, and putting our new gadget to work — only to discover that it doesn’t work all that well, or maybe even at all. (Think: a magnetic car phone holder with the weakest magnet on earth. Or a brush that doesn’t work on knots or ends up ripping your hair out.) But all these five-star products on Amazon? They actually do what they say they’re going to do.

Now, I’m an ardent believer in Amazon’s star rating system. I like knowing that the ratings come from people who’ve actually ordered the product and tested it out to see if it works — or doesn’t. It makes me feel much more confident when I take out my credit card and type in all those digits. (Okay, fine — I have one-click ordering turned on so I don’t actually type out all those digits.)

Of course, sifting through the ratings of Amazon’s zillions of products takes time, but I’ve got good news: I’ve done the sifting for you. So now you can go ahead and one-click order with confidence too.

1.These Squeezable Bottles For Traveling With Your Favorite Shampoo

Nothing is more annoying after a long day of travel than realizing your hotel doesn’t actually have conditioner. So skip the late night drugstore run and put your favorite shampoo and conditioner in these silicone travel bottles instead. The bottles are completely squeezable so you get every lost drop, and they’re TSA-approved for carry-on luggage. Use them for moisturizer, hair products, and sunscreen too.

2These Salad Tongs That Also Slice Your Veggies

These salad tongs do so much more than just mix up your romaine and spinach. The tongs themselves actually feature two blades on one side, so you can slice through fruit, veggies, and proteins right there in the bowl. The soft-grip handles go easy on your fingers — and they lock shut when not in use. One reviewer writes, “This has to be my favorite kitchen gadget EVER! Chops anything that will fit in its jaws and that’s plenty when it comes to salads. Artichoke hearts, tomatoes (sliced in half), leafy greens, you name it.”

3This Moisturizing Hair Repair Treatment Made With Actual Silk

Make your hair silky smooth by conditioning it with actual silk — the main ingredient in this hair repair treatment. The deeply moisturizing formula also includes Italian avocado oil, African argan oil, and New Zealand keratin. These powerhouse ingredients have major benefits for hair, like strengthening weak strands, repairing damage, preventing frizz, adding shine, preserving color, and shielding hair from environmental wear and tear. It’s sulfate- and cruelty-free, and suitable for all hair types.

4These Oven Liners That Catch Melting Cheese So You Don’t Have To Clean Your Oven After Baking

Scrubbing off baked-on cheese or marinade from the bottom of your oven is a drag. Worse, it can smoke up your house the next time you bake. To catch run-off juices, cheese, and pizza sauce, place one of these oven liners on the bottom of your oven before you pre-heat. When you’re done, remove the liner and give it a quick rinse or throw in the dishwasher. The heavy-duty liners are non-stick and heat-resistant for up to 500 degrees

5These Gel Shoe Inserts That Cradle Your Heel For More Comfortable Walking

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, it might be worth investing in these gel heel cups. The contoured inserts cradle your heels, align your ankles, and absorb shock. They’re ideal for anyone dealing with tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or just plain sore and aching feet. Made from medical-grade gel, the inserts fit into all kinds of shoes, including heels, sneakers, and boots.

6These Nose Vents And Mouthpiece That Keep You From Snoring

If your partner hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in weeks because of your snoring (you can’t help it!) try using these nose vents. The vents fit comfortably in the opening of your nostrils, gently dilating them and increasing air flow. This set of nose vents also comes with a mouthpiece that holds your tongue in place and improves airflow through your throat. The result? Your partner sleeps like a baby (and so do you).

7This Heat-Resistant Oven Glove That’s So Much Better Than An Oven Mitt

This oven glove is a huge improvement on traditional oven mitts which tend to limit your mobility — making it much more likely you’ll drop that piping hot cherry pie on the floor when you take it out of the oven. With five individual fingers and non-slip grips, you can rest assured that pans, casseroles, and cookie sheets will remain firmly in your hand. Made from firefighter-grade Kevlar material, the gloves are heat-resistant up to 540 degrees and flame-proof, so they’re perfect for grilling too.

8A Fabric Shaver That Removes Pilling From Your Favorite Sweater

Your favorite cardigan is bound to pill when you wear it day after day. Freshen it up with this fabric shaver to remove pilling and freshen it up. The shaver comes with three detachable heads: one for bulky woolens and synthetics, one for cashmere, merino wool, and fleece, and one for silk, summer knits, and other delicates. A bonus built-in lint remover lets you remove pet hair and dust as you shave.

9A Skin-Soothing Aftershave That Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Razor bumps, ingrown hairs, skin irritation — it’s all part of the, ahem, fun of shaving. Luckily, you can leave all that behind with this aftershave by Bump Patrol. Once you’re done shaving, just apply to your legs, underarms, bikini area, or any other part of your skin that’s seen a razor, and you’ll effectively prevent ingrown hairs while keeping razor bumps and redness at bay.

10A Set Of Packing Cubes That Actually Give You More Space In Your Suitcase

Adding items to your suitcase in the hope of creating more space sounds downright counterintuitive — but it works. When zipped shut, these packing cubes compress their contents, creating extra space in your suitcase. And they don’t just create extra space: they also help keep things organized, which is a total dream for hotel hoppers everywhere. This set comes with six cubes that’ll compress clothing of any size and bulk. Choose from colors like pink, burgundy, and lime green.

11An Apple Corer That’s Easy To Maneuver

Make baked apples for dessert with the help of this apple corer. To remove the core and seeds in one fell swoop, just place the corer around the stem of the apple, push down, and twist. The corer is made with stainless steel and won’t bend or break after years of use. Try it on pears and bell peppers, too.

12A Mouthwash That Keeps Working For 24 Hours

The person who originated this mouthwash is an honest-to-goodness dentist — so you can feel confident that it works. The mouthwash is formulated with an oxygenating agent that neutralizes the sulfur-causing bacteria responsible for causing those not-so-pleasant breath. The best part? The mouthwash keeps on working for 24 hours after you rinse. It’s made without alcohol or artificial colors or flavors, and it’s gentle on sensitive teeth and gums.

13This Sleek-Looking Magnetic Knife Holder

Show off your fancy knives and keep them organized with this magnetic knife holder. Made from anti-bacterial bamboo, the holder has a hidden magnet that attracts knives and kitchen shears, securing them firmly in place. The holder has room for up to five knives, can be placed upright on your countertop, and has an anti-slip base that’ll keep it from sliding around.

14A Pair Of No-Tie Shoelaces So You Never Have To Bend Over Again (Maybe)

If you’re too lazy to tie your shoelaces (no judgment) or just have athletic shoes that are always coming untied, try these no-tie shoelaces. Once laced onto your shoes, they stay put — no need to bend over to lace your shoes when you’re rushing out the door, and no need to interrupt your jog to tighten them. Choose from a variety of sizes to get the snuggest and most comfortable fit.

15This Detangling Brush That’s Actually Painless

If you’re looking for a less miserable way to work out the knots in your hair, try this detangler brush. The soft nylon bristles are flexible enough to glide through hair without snagging or pulling, and the boar bristles distribute your hair’s natural oils to add softness and shine. Reviewers say it “works so much better than a wide tooth comb” and “goes right through tangles without pulling”.

16A Remote Control That Turns Appliances On And Off

Turn appliances on and off from across the room with this remote control outlet kit. Simply plug the outlet into your existing wall socket, then plug your appliance in: You can use the accompanying remote to turn your appliance on or off from wherever you are. It works from up to 100 feet away, and it’s super versatile — use one remote to control multiple devices, or multiple remotes to control one device (so it’s no problem if you lose track of one of the remotes).

17This Microwave Cover That Keeps Your Food From Exploding

Shield your plate with this microwave cover before heating it up, and you’ll never have to wipe up exploded spaghetti sauce again. (And it’s also much more eco-friendly than using paper towels to cover your food.) And here’s the most ingenious part: the cover is magnetized, so it actually attaches to the “ceiling” of your microwave. The cover is dishwasher-safe and large enough to fit over most plates, bowls, and platters.

18These Lights That Fit Right Under Your Cabinets Or Shelves

Light up your desk, countertop, or bookshelves with these under the cabinet LED lights. Equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent bulb, the lights offer bright white illumination but can be dimmed with a switch for a more subtle glow. The lights can be attached with screws or strong, double-sided adhesive. And no worries if your hand brushes the lights while you’re reaching for a book — they’re low heat, so they won’t burn like other lights.

19These Anti-Dust Plugs That Protects Your Phone’s Charging Port

You spent hard-earned money on that iPhone, so why not keep it in good condition with the help of these anti-dust plugs? The plugs fit snugly into your phone’s charging port, shielding it from dirt, dust, and moisture (which is great for camping). Each set comes with ten plugs — so you don’t have to worry about losing a few — and a port-cleaning brush to keep things extra clean.

20A Skin-Reviving Face Mist From A Thermal Spring In France

Revive skin with this face mist made from thermal spring water sourced in the small village of Avène in southern France. A few sprays on your face will add hydration, reduce redness, and balance your skin’s pH. You can also use it anywhere on your body as an aftershave, or to soothe itchiness and irritation. And because it’s rich in antioxidants, the mist will actually work to keep your skin healthy in the long term. The formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, too.

21This Sleeping Mask With Contours In All The Right Places

Get a good night’s sleep no matter what time of day it is with this 3-D sleeping mask. The mask is contoured around the nose for a more comfortable fit that blocks out even more light. Contours around the eyes give you space to blink and also keep your eyeliner from smudging. Made from soft memory foam, the mask has an adjustable elastic strap, and triangle wings that alleviate pressure on the sides of your face.

22This Water Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cold For 13 Hours

This water bottle really lives up to its name. Made with double-walled, insulated stainless steel, the water bottle keeps cold drinks cold for up to 36 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 13 hours. The water bottle has an extra-wide mouth, a leak-proof cap, and a rubber grip. Choose from colors like flamingo pink, sailor blue, and matte black. And if you should drop your water bottle when you’re out on the lake? No worries — the bottle floats.

23A Mat You Put Under Your Cutting Board To Keep It In Place

You know how your cutting board starts to slide around when you’re cutting into a juicy watermelon? You can keep that from happening by placing your cutting board on top of this cutting board mat: The mat is texturized to keep your cutting board in place as you slice and dice. Made from a non-porous material, the mat is resistant to bacterial contamination. When you’re done chopping, just stick the mat in the dishwasher to clean up.

24This Lumbar-Supporting Memory Foam

If your back gets tired from sitting for long hours in a desk chair or car seat, you’ll want to check out this lumbar cushion. Made from 100 percent pure memory foam on both sides, the cushion is contoured to provide lumbar support — all while improving posture and reducing strain on pressure points. The cushion is covered in breathable mesh, with non-slip material on the backside to prevent slippage when you adjust positions. There’s even a stretchy buckle strap so you can attach it securely to any chair.

25An Essential Oil That Promotes A Good Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing worse than a bout of insomnia, which is why this essential oil for sleep is a must-have for the restless among us. The 100 percent pure and natural formula is made from a blend of five therapeutic-grade oils: Bulgarian lavender to soothe anxiety, clary sage to relax the mind, balsam to lighten the spirit, Spanish marjoram to ease muscle aches and pains, and French chamomile to calm jangled nerves. Add a few drops of this to your diffuser or spray directly on your linens.

26These Muscle Pain-Relieving Massage Balls

These solid rubber massage balls are a simple and effective tool for loosening up tight muscles. Just place the heavy duty balls under the muscles you’re targeting (feet, neck, shoulders, lower back) and lean into them. The force of your body weight against the balls will support myofascial release and help eliminate muscle tension. This reviewer writes: “They were recommended to me at physical therapy and I’ve never had anything that is more effective at relieving my shoulder pain.”

27A Wrinkle Release Spray So You Don’t Have To Haul Out The Iron

Okay, so you hate ironing (who doesn’t?) but you also don’t want to go around town wearing rumpled, wrinkled clothes. Here’s the solution: this wrinkle release spray. Just hang your garment up or lay it flat on the bed and spray until it’s just damp. Then, smooth it out with your hands, using a little more tugging action for deeper creases, and hang to dry. The plant-based formula is lightly scented with citrus and mint (just like your favorite mojito).

28An Airtight Canister That’s Perfect For Storing Coffee, Flour, And Sugar

The Airscape food storage container just might be the best way to preserve the freshness of coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, and nuts. When you press the down on the lid, a valve sucks all the air out of the container, ensuring the contents have zero exposure to oxygen. Made from BPA-free stainless steel, the canister holds up to 64 ounces and comes in colors like candy apple red, obsidian black, mocha, and classic brushed steel.

29This Miracle Pen That Softens Cuticles And Repairs Nails

This cuticle oil pen is a miracle worker when it comes to getting your nails in good shape. Formulated with organic oils that are rich in vitamins A and E, the pen works to soften and moisturize cuticles while strengthening nails and repairing cracks. The oil has natural anti-fungal properties, so it’s also perfect for toes that need a little TLC. Just apply the oil with the handy click-pen and you’ll see a big difference in just a few days.

30An All-Natural Shoe Deodorizer You Can Also Spray On Your Feet

Gym shoes getting a little smelly? Use this shoe deodorizer spray to freshen them up. The all-natural deodorizer is made with a blend of essential oils like tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, and thyme. And these oils don’t just give off a pleasant aroma — they actually neutralize bacteria that causes odor in the first place. And because the spray doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, you can spray them directly on your feet as well as your shoes.

31A Next-Level Meat Tenderizer For Next-Level Steak

Make an extra mouth-watering steak with the help of this meat tenderizer. Unlike mallets which can damage expensive cuts of meat, this tenderizer utilizes extra-long, extra-thin needles to puncture tiny holes in your New York strip or pork chop. The result is a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth eating experience. The tool is great for marinade too — all those punctures create channels so your meat can soak up every last bit of flavor.

32A Hair Straightening Brush That Makes Styling A Breeze

A hair straightener brush is so much easier to use than a traditional flat iron, and it’s also a lot less damaging. Just glide the brush through your hair several times to straighten it while adding sleekness and shine. The brush heats up within 30 seconds, and an LCD display allows you to adjust the temperature to your hair type (the thicker the hair, the higher you can go.) This brush comes with a heat-protection glove, clips, and a carrying case.

33This Handy (And Beautiful) Phone Ring And Kickstand

A phone ring holder and kickstand is one of the most simple and versatile upgrades you can make to your smartphone. Slip your finger through the ring to get a firm grip on your phone (i.e. no more drops), flip it out to create a kickstand for your phone so you can watch videos, or attach it to your magnetic car phone holder. Made with durable zinc alloy, this one adheres to the back side of your phone with double-sided tape. Choose from black, silver, or rose gold.

34An Eyeliner Stamp For The Purr-fect Cat Eye

Creating a half-decent cat eye is hard unless you’re blessed with super steady hands. This eyeliner stamp, however, makes getting that cat eye a cinch. Just place the stamp at the outside corner of your eye and press down to release the pigment — et voilà. This set comes with two eyeliner stamps: one shaped for the left eye and one for the right. On the other end of each stamp is an eyeliner pencil for your filling in any gaps. The stamps are long-lasting, smudge-proof, and water-resistant

35An Electric Kettle That Boils Water Fast

Make yourself a cup of comforting chamomile tea with this cordless electric kettle. It works much faster than stovetop kettles — boiling water within three to seven minutes. An automatic shut-off feature kicks in within 30 seconds of boiling, or if it detects there’s no water in the chamber. Made with virtually unbreakable borosilicate, the kettle has a stainless steel filter and a blue LED light that glows when it’s in boil mode. Use it for oatmeal and ramen too.

36A Non-Slip Pad That Keeps Your Rug In Place

You just an awesome vintage rug at the flea market, but every time you step on it, it slips around. Go ahead and place this non-slip rug pad underneath it to keep it in place. The extra-thick rug pad has two times the gripping power of other pads. It also comes in three different sizes, but you can trim them to fit any rug.

37A Completely Adjustable Rotating Cosmetics Organizer

You could spend hours of your life searching through your makeup bag for that tiny sample bottle of expensive eye cream or you could put everything where you can see it with this cosmetics organizer. The organizer rotates 360-degrees and has height adjustable trays to fit bottles and jars of any size. The top tray even has smaller slots that are perfect for lipsticks and nail polish.

38A USB-Rechargeable Electric Candle Lighter

This electric candle lighter is USB-rechargeable, so it doesn’t rely on lighter fluid to operate (i.e. it lasts much longer). The lighter creates an electric spark — instead of a flame — so it won’t blow out when you’re trying to light birthday candles at an outdoor barbecue. The flexible neck means you can get to hard-to-reach wicks, and an LED display lets you know how much battery life is left. This reviewer says it’s a “pretty awesome device for lighting candles without getting your hand burned,” and another writes that it’s “so much easier to reach down narrow glasses to light a candle”.

39This Shaving Cream Made With Macadamia Oil And Calendula

This shaving cream creates a slick molecular surface which means your razor can glide over your skin effortlessly. In other words, you’ll be a lot less likely to experience nicks, razor burns, and irritation. The cream is made with natural ingredients like macadamia oil, olive oil, aloe, calendula, lemon, and papaya — and it’s super concentrated so you only need a small amount to cover a large surface area. In fact, each bottle lasts for up to 90 days, so this set of two will last you half the year.

40A Combination Lap Pillow And Tablet Stand For Better Movie-Watching

If you’ve ever tried to watch a movie on your tablet, you know that holding it means your hand will cramp up before the opening credits are over. Use this tablet pillow stand the next time you dive into your Netflix queue. The memory foam base rests comfortably on your lap like a pillow, and the non-slip top surface securely grips your tablet. You can adjust the angle of the stand to ensure optimal viewing whether you’re sitting on a sofa or propped up on pillows in bed.

41An Extra-Long Razor So You Can Shave Your Back

Get rid of any unwanted hair on your back before you hit the beach with this back shaver. With an extra-long S-shaped handle, it’s easy to get to hard-to-reach places like the middle of your back or in between your shoulder blades. A flexible head glides across your skin without risk of nicks, and the safety blades allow you to shave both wet and dry.

42An LED Lantern That’s The Size Of Your Hand

Take this LED lantern with you on camping trips, or keep it in your car glove box for any unexpected flat tires. The USB-rechargeable lantern is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and has three lighting modes: full brightness, half-brightness, and flashing SOS. The built-in magnet can be used to attach the lantern to a car or tent pole, or you can hang it from a tree branch with the built-in hook. Oh, and the lantern doubles as a power bank for your phone.

43This Makeup Bag That Can Fit Just About Everything

One reviewer says of this makeup travel makeup bag: “It fits everything. It’s like a clown car.” Other reviewers praise the bag’s adjustable Velcro dividers that let you change the dimensions of each compartments anytime you switch up your makeup. Stretchy elastic pouches hold your makeup brushes in place, and a zippered compartment is perfect for smaller items. And the satin-like bag is extra-padded, so you don’t have to worry about powders and blushes shattering.

44A Multi-Tool That Fits In Your Wallet And Performs So Many Functions

This credit card tool fits right into your wallet pocket, but performs an astonishing array of functions. You can use it as a bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, wrench, ruler, fruit peeler, and knife. Made from stainless steel, the tool is extra-durable, and comes with a carabiner, whistle, and fire starter too.

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Strip And Wax Flooring – Commercial Janitorial Services

Prep Area – Remove all obstacles and furniture from the area. Set up an area of about 200 to 400 square feet. This will be the area you start with. Cordon off the entire area that needs to be stripped by setting up the necessary caution/wet floor signs. Create an area for exiting the stripping area. Place mats down to remove protective footwear and avoid tracking stripping materials to other parts of the buildings. Follow the dust mopping procedure to remove all debris, dirt, and large objects (i.e. pallet chips), from the area.


Applying a wax or finish to a floor creates a glossy, protective layer that keeps your floor attractive and free from scratches and stains. However, over time these layers wear down or become dirty, and need to be removed before a new one can be reapplied. Follow these instructions to learn how to complete this process from start to finish but be sure to follow specific instructions on the label of your floor finish stripper, floor wax, or floor finish. If you are stripping and waxing a large floor space, consider renting the specialized equipment suggested below from a home improvement store or equipment rental service.


Liquid wax: While easier to put on than paste wax, the finish wont last as long. Good for unvarnished hardwoods, linoleum or some vinyl (not for vinyl with a factory-applied no-wax finish). No-buff waxes are simply mopped onto the floor.




Use either a new sponge mop or new flat mop that applies wax so you donT add debris back to the floor. For a sponge mop, line a bucket with a garbage bag (to save it for future use) and pour the wax in. For a flat mop wax applier, pour the wax into the mesh backing on the upper side. You will want your mop to be damp but not dripping. Press it gently against the bucket to remove excess wax.Strip-And-Wax-Flooring-fort-lauderdale-miami-florida-west-palm-commercial-janitorial-services-office

Floor Cleaning Service

Dirt and grime compromise the finish and appearance of your floors, giving them an unprofessional look. If left in place, dirt and debris coupled with friction from foot traffic can cause permanent scratches and chips, which are unattractive and unsafe.

Miami-Dade County Janitorial Services - Office Cleaning Services Near me

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Entrepreneur – Leading A Successful Company


There have been thousands of books written about what it takes to be successful in business, and a thousand more about achieving success in life as well. You can find another thousand articles on the web that discuss the topic, and a thousand more will be written tomorrow. With such a broad subject and with so many things that can play a role in making us happy, it can be difficult to boil it down to a short list of things that anyone can read and apply in their lives. However, across those thousands of books and articles, among the countless legends and stories, you’ll find some common themes woven throughout. You’ll find principles about us as human beings that many of us think about but never try hard enough to achieve. You’ll hear about ideals and decisions that we all wish we could aspire to but often fail to understand.

Here are ten of those things you’ll find among the tales of those who achieved success in business (and in life) – which ones do you currently have and which do you need to obtain?1. Be Fearless Want to know why becoming successful in a business venture is considered such a daunting feat by society? While there are obvious hurdles to face, one of the biggest challenges is in overcoming the fear of jumping into a business in the first place. Most people dream all day about launching a successful business while watching the clock tick at their mundane day jobs.


The reason they never quit the security of a paycheck is because they are too scared by the unknown that comes with starting a business. If you want to separate yourself from that crowd, you need to learn how to manage your own fears. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When I quit my job to start my business, I was making double my salary outside my day job than I was inside working my eight hour job. I still had that huge fear of failure. However, this is only the beginning of the road for those who want to be truly successful in business.

Overcoming your fears and getting started is noble, but the true tests of a fearless entrepreneur will be constant, from initiating a conversation at a networking mixer, asking for the sale on a major deal, severing ties with a partner who is causing harm to the venture, and perhaps the most frightening of all situations – watching a business fail (it happened to Henry Ford twice before he designed his famous assembly line!) One who can fail miserably and not be scared to dust themselves off and try again and again until they are successful is truly fearless.2. Understand Finance Now, people all the time will talk about how a well known business brand started at one time in someone’s basement or garage, so much that it’s become a romantic notion of sorts that going from rags-to-riches is what really identifies a true entrepreneur.

The reality of most successful businesses ventures couldn’t be farther from the truth – if you want to make it, you’re going to need money. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a lot of it when you’re just getting started, but more importantly understanding how finance works and how to use your money to grow in the smartest way.Robert Kiyosaki is most famous for teaching the world about the importance in how financial literacy plays such a crucial role in the lives of successful entrepreneurs.

Those who live from paycheck to paycheck are also those that fill their lives with liabilities – car and house payments, credit cards, and other materialistic things that cost them money. Those who are financially literate, however, understand the importance of building assets – things that make them money instead. Once you start having a positive asset column, you can then learn how to make even more money through investing. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to know how to take money and make it work for you.3.

Grow As A Leader
Once you harness your fears and make the leap to starting a business, you’ve already begun the journey of becoming a leader. As we’ll discuss shortly, your ultimate success will have a lot to do with how you help others find their own. Many of us hold successful entrepreneurs on a pedestal much like football fans hold a star quarterback or wide receiver in high regard. However, there’s always a team that these individuals lead that ultimately leads to their success. You must learn how to be a leader on some kind of level in order to motivate others to join you in your venture, believe in what you preach, or give you money for a product or service that you offer Just because you need to possess leadership qualities does not mean that everybody successful in business has to be the CEO, face of the company, or person “in charge”.


When Google started to really grow, the company’s founders brought in a successful CEO in Eric Schmidt to come in and run their company – they were engineers, not CEOs. The ability to lead a team or lead the masses can sometimes come down to just having the right charisma and message to get the right people to do the things that need to be done in order for the entire thing to just work. A great soldier may be good at leading troops on the field, but not managing the entire war. An amazing product designer may also be a lousy salesperson. But a great leader will discover what they do best and where their weakness lies, and know who to put where in order to ensure that their company is one that achieves real success.4.

Use Your Leverage One of the greatest challenges that will stand in the way of an entrepreneur from getting what they want is understanding what “to do” with the opportunities that fall in their laps along the way. This is where leverage becomes such an important concept that people going into business need to understand, and it takes a certain kind of mind to think “outside the box” in situations to find the value in a new relationship or circumstance. The same people who are too scared to quit their day jobs are also the same people who do not know how to leverage the assets and relationships in their life.

A successful entrepreneur, on the other hand, is constantly finding ways to create profits and new opportunities each and every day.The simple adage “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” is a great example of using leverage to move your business forward. Many people will make the lemonade and drink it themselves. A true entrepreneur will make lemonade and sell it to those without lemons, and use the profits to buy more lemons or move into another business. While today a polarizing political figure, Donald Trump is a great example of an entrepreneur who time and time again used leverage to acquire crucial pieces of real estate or strike very lucrative business deals. Love him or hate him, his book The Art of The Deal is a great resource on how leverage can make someone mega successful.5. Acquire Partners We talked earlier about how becoming a leader is one of the most important qualities one needs to “move the chains” in the game of business.

In order to achieve greatness as a leader, one must then have a team of individuals who believe in the mission in order to move forward. That’s where assembling a great team of partners plays such an important role in any profitable business. Many start out alone and the wearer of many hats, but a business can only scale so far if there is only one source of energy, of inspiration, and of the actual sweat equity it takes to keep the lights on.As we will see in understanding the meaning of success both in business and in life, a true “business owner” is one who does not need to be a part of the day-to-day operations in order for the business to run and stay profitable.

“The E-Myth”
The classic book “The E-Myth” is a great story of how many try (and fail) at running a business all by themselves. Instead, you need to take those leadership skills and motivate others to take their own specific skill sets and apply them together as a team for the greater good of the company. This doesn’t just include employees, but also includes knowing who to shake hands with, how to create strategic partnerships, and how to use that leverage we previously discussed to convince others to have an interest in your venture. And once you reach a certain level of success, it will be an even greater feeling when you get to share it with all who helped make it possible.6. Having the Right Attitude So far we’ve discussed some of the most important concepts you need to understand in order to achieve success in business – but how do you exactly justify what is true success? Is it money, or sales, or the influence your actions have over the environment around you? Ultimately real success in business only matters if it also equates to success in life, and that all starts with having the right attitude towards it. Nobody cares about those who are rich but hate the world they live in. Everyone knows the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, the jaded old man that had all the money in the world but did nothing but create misery for others.To have a truly happy and fulfilling life, it’s important to know what’s really important and to develop values around what you can do each and every day to make that world a reality. Sure, many who start a business venture want to achieve a certain level of financial independence. But what does one do with those riches once they finally have them? Those with the attitude that having money means they can buy more “things” to surround themselves with in order to feel superior to others will never be successful in their life.


The entrepreneurs who focus on how they can create wealth that can help others and solve problems have the right attitude needed to obtain true happiness and be seen in a positive light by their peers and partners, and are the true embodiment of the word “success”.7. Showing Gratitude We live in a world that is changing each and every day, at a speed that any of us can really truly appreciate. Technology over the last 30-50 years has altered the way we communicate not only with our neighbor and loved ones but our business contacts around the world. The generations that have grown up with this technology often take it for granted, never once stopping to “smell the roses” and to realize that they live in an amazing time in history and that much of what they have in their lives – everything from the electricity powering their lights, the cars that help them get to their next meeting, to their smartphones in their pockets are all things they should very much be thankful for.Those who are happy in both business and if life are those who are grateful for the world they live in. These are the people who make sure to thank the barista for their coffee in the mornings, who open the door for others, who actually listen to those who they have conversations with. Successful entrepreneurs should never forget all the people, places and things that have played a role in their lives that helped them get from their humble beginnings to where they are today.

Money and Success
The next time you’re flying on a plane, remember the comedian Louis CK’s amazing observation that you’re “sitting in a chair in the sky”, and be grateful for all the wonderful things we get to experience every day.8. Staying Healthy Your money and success isn’t going to do you any good if you’re not around to use it – so why would you live your life so dangerously that you would sacrifice your health? What good is all the passion you have for your business dreams if you’re not going to be around to see them come true? Too many of us get caught up in the game of life that we never think about the damage we all do to our bodies along the way. As entrepreneurs our days are so full of work and juggling projects that are lunch breaks become mere small breaks in the day where we shove fast food down our throats to get rid of our hunger. I personally inhale my food.Our nights turn into a time where we sometimes burn the candles at both ends, turning the stress of the day into an excuse to ease the pain with alcohol and drugs. While we worship the celebrities who died before their time, is that how we define success in life? Our obsession with money and material things makes us greedy and insecure of who we are and how others perceive us. Without our health, we can never truly achieve success. A leader needs to be strong, and we’re not just talking about a lean body or muscles here – your mind has to be healthy in order to persevere through the day and not only achieve the success you’re looking for, but to be able to enjoy it as well.9. Keeping the Right Friends We’ve discussed the importance of not going it alone along your path to building your business, and this same ideology applies to your personal success and happiness. What’s the point of doing anything if you don’t have special people in your life to share it with. No one wants to be the Bruce Wayne of their city, the quack who owns the huge dining room table with no one to dine with.


People are social by nature, and it’s important to have a life outside of those you work with. Your friends are people to share your experiences with, who will be there to high-five you with every victory and also pick you up after every failure. Make sure they are also the ones who have the same attitude, give back gratitude, and remain a positive force in your life. Those who feed off of negative energy are the ones you can bring the whole house crashing down around you.10. The Importance of Family We’ve discussed in detail why we become entrepreneurs in the first place, and the importance of deciding what goals we’re trying to achieve. Most will begin the journey with dollar signs in their eyes, or seeking some level of power. Many times these things are personal and selfish, but one who is seeking true success in their lives will be doing so not just to share with their friends, but more importantly their families. Not everyone has the greatest of childhoods, and no one is expected to share wealth with their siblings just because of blood. Not every entrepreneur has a soulmate, not will we all have children. It is important, however, to think about success beyond just the material or power one might ultimately yield. Real success lies in having a positive influence on those who you call family and those who will eventually remember, and hopefully continue, the legacy you leave behind.

The key word here is vision. Make the vision so clear that you could pick any member on the team and they could paint the picture for you. Being a leader with a vision means your employees can look in your eyes and know that everything will be okay. If the only goal of your so-called great company is money, just give up now, because you ����� will never make it. Instead, start back at square one, the purpose. After you figure out something worthy and strong enough that other people can also believe in, the profit will eventually follow.

The life of an entrepreneur or at least the idea behind that life can seem enticing to just about everyone. You launch a new enterprise that makes millions and maybe even changes the way people lead their lives. But why do some people follow through on such visions with great fanfare and success, while others fail miserably – or never follow through at all? Thereafter, just this mindset that the very best entrepreneurs have that positions them for success when others around them are struggling and unable to stay the course says Peter J. Strauss (, an attorney, entrepreneur and author of the upcoming book The Accidental Life. Strauss says that anyone who is feeling the entrepreneurial tug, and wants to mimic the most successful entrepreneurs, would do well to consider these three points: Remember that fortune favors the bold. On the outside entrepreneurs may appear confident and assured in their actions, ready to take the steps needed to achieve success without hesitation. In reality, Strauss says, most successful entrepreneurs have a voice inside them imploring them to wait, to not take that chance. The difference between them and others is they ignore that inner voice. In my career, I tried to prepare myself as best I could for my next step, but I always had to take a leap of faith to some degree Strauss says.


Building a personal network of like-minded entrepreneurs has several benefits. It gives you a sounding board for when you have questions or want advice, which is a huge help, especially in the early stages of a business. As your network grows, so do your resources.

The problem starts because emails often lack the tone and context to clearly signal what the sender is thinking. So a straightforward email can get misinterpreted, create anxiety or trigger an angry response. As a result, email can often damage the connective tissue that forms relationships among colleagues rather than help build it up.

All families have values, even if they aren’t discussed explicitly. There are certain behaviors that are encouraged and discouraged — like rules of the road — for how everyone is going to (try to) get along and spend their time. Teams aren’t really that different. Pull together a group of people to work on any project, and they will develop a culture of their own, and it will be as unique as the people in the group. As a leader, you can take a laissez-faire approach and hope the team meshes well over time. Or you can look for opportunities to set some shared guidelines for how people will work together. There are no hard and fast rules for developing the cultural values of a team. In some cases, the founder of a company will issue them to employees. In others, top executives will turn the exercise over to employees to make it a bottom-up effort.

In most cases, you should include staff-level participants. After all, they have the subject matter expertise, and staff are often the parties truly doing the work they can provide more context for discussions.

There are two extremes in a decision-making process. One is when those on a leadership team talk, come to a consensus on the issue, and then move forward. The other is when a CEO or director makes a decision he or she might use input from the leadership team to inform the decision, but the final decision is made by an individual.


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Hard wood has traditionally been the material of choice for office furniture. However, with increasing pressure to save precious natural rainforest resources, the new trend is to manufacture furniture only from woods obtained in an environmentally friendly manner. Most furniture makers are now committed to sourcing their wood only from lumber companies that are known to indulge in sustainable forestry practices.

When buying office furniture, look for those that have been certified by recognized authorities such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These certifications guarantee that the wood has been sourced from well-managed forests that meet the principles of environmental conservation including maintenance of ecosystems, conservation of biological diversity and establishment of long-term management practices.

Recycled materials are also beginning to find favor in the office. Office chairs are now available that are being constructed of material that is made from recycled soda bottles.


It is equally important that office furniture should also meet indoor environmental pollution standards. Certain finishes, glues and stains create emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are largely responsible for indoor air pollution. Eco-friendly office furniture includes powder-based finishing coats that require less energy to manufacture, create less waste and are VOC- free. Greenguard, a non-profit organization evaluates the effects of various products on the indoor air quality. Opting for furniture with a Greenguard certification ensures that only low-emission materials that are non-polluting are used in the product.

Business owners have recognized the importance of buying eco-friendly office furniture. With furniture-makers acknowledging the need to comply with the ever-increasing demand, eco-friendly office furniture is now easily available in a wide range of designs and eco-friendly materials

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